The power of nature and development

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Children are our future, nature is our inspiration.

A necessary condition for a healthy and full-fledged society is the comprehensive upbringing and development of children. A significant role in this process is played by parents, who set a big and clear goal - to raise a child as a developed personality with a bright personality.  

We also understand that the disease of the 21st century is a lack of time. The frantic pace of life does not allow parents to thoroughly study the problems of upbringing and modern methods of development of children. Using advanced knowledge about developmental psychology and pedagogy, we make the process of education and development more accessible, effective, joyful for both children and parents.  

Priority for us remains not only the development of children, but also the quality of our products, the creation of which uses only environmentally friendly materials. Understanding the need to replenish natural resources, we are engaged in seasonal planting of trees and to minimize the negative impact on nature, we do not use plastic

3 reasons to choose us



Practicing specialists in the field of developmental psychology and correctional pedagogy participate in product development


High quality, 100% natural raw materials. Safe for children and the environment.


We create toys for individual orders

How do we design?

The design of our toys is carried out by qualified specialists in different areas, in particular: psychologists, speech therapists, defectologists, who take into account the characteristics and age needs of children. They also create brief guidelines for parents and teachers on the effective and diverse use of toys in the development of children. If you have your own ideas, projects or ready-made technical tasks, our specialists will bring them to the production stage.

How do we produce?

The starting material is oak, birch, linden, growing in the Southern Urals. After mild drying, the wood is processed. Work in this area is carried out by highly qualified specialists - masters of their craft!

How do take care of nature

Занимаемся сезонной посадкой деревьев, тем самым восполняя лесные массивы.

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